Monday, December 10, 2012


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Last week I started working on my art again and wanted to share with you couple new pieces I created as well as some of my previous pieces. I am very passionate about my art, but trying to find time to focus on my craft has been slim to non. I find that when I am really stress, I lock myself in my room and meditate that's when my inner self comes to life in art form. Please enjoy the review.

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Lady Chakra,  was created a few years ago, I started her during a stressful time in my life. I am very pleased with the end result.

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AFRO SUN GODDESS, While running on the beach one early morning the sun began to rise as I watched It appear beyond the horizon suddenly a reflection appear within the waters. That's when I envision this woman appearing from the water as the sun reflected on her skin It set of a yellow and orange glow. My emotional state guide me to create Afro Sun Goddess meditating naked glowing In sun light.
If you ever have the time to meditate in the buff do It, It's quite invigorating

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RED BUDDHA, was created after SUN GODDESS, I was so exhausted after coming home from work, I just wanted to be left alone to relaxed and unwind without the wine. After creating RED BUDDHA I had a since of calm.

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I was Inspired by a friend when I first met him he had the uni brows almost like a caveman effect. he wasn't to pleased when I showed him this piece and told him he was my inspiration. I still get a good laugh every time I see this pic. This is my second attempt creating this thing call art.

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I was sitting in my room one Saturday doing nothing so i picked up my chalk and this little man popped on a piece of paper.

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   My failed attempt to capture the essences of me, next time will capture it.

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 Sitting at my desk at work, i had a piece of paper towel on my desk and this face appeared. What I am discovering about art is that the juices can flow at any moment and when it does you have to role with.

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This woman had a hard life, look at her face she's so sad.

A Certain Basketball Player
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Denise Rodman was my Inspiration.

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 Vintage lady 1920's Inspired.

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