Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Three years ago I went to deliver my usual drop of at my local goodwill and decided to actually get out of my car and see what they have to offer. After walking inside and viewing the merchandise I was immediately hooked, as my findings accumulate I have decided to document my thrift findings  how I style them and a brief review on the designer. It is quite interesting the amount of information you can acquire with a little research from the world wide web.
Shown are my thrift Items and a brief review on the designer.

 Item # 1- Is a low waisted beaded dress, by designer Oleg Cassini.
For those of you who has never heard of Mr. Oleg Cassini, he is  a French-born American fashion designer. Cassini dress numerous stars creating the most memorable moments in international and  fashion film history.
Oleg Cassini's the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, 'The Jackie look' are recognized as being the single biggest fashion influence in history by costume designer Edith Head.

Item # 2 - V-Neck black and white beaded blouse, 100% silk. Designer unknown.

Item # 3 - Black Leather tulip skirt, knee length. By West Bay sport leather.

Item # 4 - Stripped Sheer Long sleeve blouse. by Stuart Lang

Item # 5 - Black long sleeve lace blouse, pleated ruffle front detail. by carducci, Carducci is a much loved designer brand in South Africa for the past 30yrs. Name after Giosue Carducci, a flamboyant Italian poet known for his fresh styles and creative energy. The brand Is sold in over 300 independent stores and in over 8 African countries and at Stuttafords.

Item # 6 - Pleated cream and tan skirt, knee length, 100% silk. by Andrea Gayle, a brief history about the designer. Andrea Gayle was a line of the Leslie Faye Co's name after Fred Pomerantz's daughter. It was discontinued in early 1990's. Leslie Faye was founded by Fred Pomerant. In 1942 Fred Pomerantz began making uniforms for the US arm services.

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