Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 5 Raw Food Challenge

Hi Subscribers!
It's day 5 of my challenge, I must admit the first 3 days was the hardest. My caffeine withdrawal left me with headaches but finally yesterday I was feeling as my somewhat usual self, my headache has subsided which is awesome. Last night I had a dream that I relapsed and went on a gummy bear binged I simply forgot to tell you guys I'm also a sugar junkie as well. Last year I consume more sugar and coffee than I would care to talk about, which is one of my reasons for taking on this raw food challenge but enough of my rambling. Pic of the day is my wonderful delicious breakfast smoothie. Bon Appetit!
1-cup blackberry
1/4-cup water
16- raw cashew
Bon Appetit!
Blackberry Twist Smoothie          

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