Thursday, July 10, 2014

Weekend Thrift Finds

It's been quite sometime since I've thrifted, however, I thought I would squeezed in a little weekend shopping before my work schedule is due. I didn't purchase much, nevertheless I rely ever do. I'm usually on a tight budget, a goal I set for myself so I stay within a $25 spending range. Sometimes I tend to splurged only if deemed  necessary. For instance, if I find a merchandise that's never been worn and still have the original price tag and it's name brand, I will research the brand and splurge a little. Shown below are my findings.

Item #1. Is a Gap blue and white stripped cotton stretched shirt, this item has never been worn ant the original price tag is $50' I paid $4.95

Item #2. Is also a Gap white cotton shirt, priced at $4.95

Item #3. Is a J.Crew blue, grey, white and orange plaid shirt, priced at $4.95

Item #4. Is a black Bentley genuine leather clutch wallet with removable straps, never been used. Original price $12.99, I paid $4.95

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