Tuesday, February 4, 2014


TJ Maxx Haul
My day at work was very unproductive so in order to cheer my self up, I decided to treat myself to a few goodies. I went to TJ Maxx and and Barns & Noble and found a few items. Shown Below are my luscious finding.

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 Item #1. Is a rose and Pony body oil, by the brand Pecksniff's England, so far I'm In love with this sent. it's light, non greasy and enriched with Morrocan Argan oil, has multi purpose, as a result can be used on hair, body and nails. I love the combination of flowers, absolutely sensuous! A must try.

Item #2. 40 carrots BB cream,  has 4 skin perfecting actions in 1, hydrates, primes, prefects and corrects. I wanted to try a different brand so compare the difference in product quality,  sense this was at a reasonable cost why not,  review on this product will be posted at a later date.

Item #3. Precision Blending Wedges, I'm excited about using this product out of curiosity. My hopes are pretty high, considering the first word of this product. If you've used this product before leave a comment in the link below, I would like your feedback on what you think about this item.

Item #4.Nail Polish Remover Pads, oil based, acetone free, this I'm not to sure about considering i've used non acetone remover in the past only to go back to acetone so let hope this is a winner. I love the pretty little containers, you can say thats what drew my attention to try this product. I will definitely
have to do a feedback review on these items.

Item #5. Is a classic v neck tee, I've always love wearing tees and made it a pivotal part of my wardrobe. Because of it's versatile wear, whether I'm combing it with a tailored pant, skirts or jeans, the tee is a must have as part of any wardrobe. I can't seem to do without it.

Item #6. Is Your Chinese Horoscope 2014, by Neil Somerville I came across this book last year around this time of year and find it to be quite accurate at least about my horoscope and decided to purchase it again. I love reading horoscope because it help me in my daily life as well as how I interact with people. If your into astrology or reading horoscope this is a nice reference book to guide you in some of you decision making.

Last but least is a special book I purchase as a reference guide and daily log of all my inspiration for my blog because if I don't log I cant blog. I have so many creative thoughts and Ideas swirling through my head I have to release in order for new thoughts to make its way out. This is something new I'm trying because I always think I can remember everything and thats not the case. The End! Hope you enjoy please visit again,  leave your thoughts. Thank you!

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